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not for the control means itself to respond

Not to mention that this jump surmise holy rationality , one on May 30 stock market crash , the Government and investors are scarred , there are no winners . Control measures introduced by the Government obviously difficult to give the timing and manner of calm and aboveboard . Although Adam Smith to the government is defined as The Night Watch , but there is little that governments choose midnight introduced public policies. http://www.coldmountainsams.com/brands/mbt-shoes-clearance.html Measures to usher in emotional emotional reaction of the market , investors felt to be fooled , the Government still anger is not flat, refused to explain the policy . Mutual trust fell to freezing point , the relationship between the government and investors has become a real battle of wits gaming , and this sentiment is easy to misjudge the government 's attitude on the stock market , affecting the government's credibility , which is obviously not what we all want to see results.</BR>
Undoubtedly, the government and investors, the basic values of the two sides of the market should be consistent , to create a stable, healthy , competitive market is the civilization of investors and governments a common goal, regardless of boom or slump , are both the non- selectable items , which from the government to take on the stock market this year, soft monetary policy can be seen , even the introduction of stamp duty increase rigid fiscal policy , although lessons market , highlighting authoritarian government of the suspects, but not market Unbearable nor defeat heavy drug market , the market reacts violently , not for the control means itself to respond , but the government did not put investors should be respected as a partner , but also in policy intentions and objectives to maintain the value of mystery , http://www.coldmountainsams.com/brands/mbt-shoes-usa.html so-called law unknowable , then Viagra unpredictable , this regulation concept is obviously difficult to get a positive response from investors , the result is that both sides will suffer gaming , the government should be able to find policies so that they win the equilibrium point .



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