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EA Sports released a new batch of screenshots of the latest soccer sequel FIFA 14, while the official also announced that some of the game screen for the latest features and improvements even player may not know where buy <b>Fifa Ultimate Team Coins</b>, combined with these new plans and changes we can see, in this new FIFA 14, there will be a lot of enemy, who will be more anthropomorphic, more realistic and more clever.

FIFA14 Real Madrid Tin Box Edition (X360 and PS3) has begun to accept online reservations, but it is limited to domestic sales in Spain, it is the agreement of Real Madrid and EA SPORTS on FIFA 14 game. The two teams will promote fifa 14 products (fifa coins ps3, pc, xbox) through traditional media and social media marketing, and the Real Madrid fans will have the opportunity to purchase a special version of the game, no matter it is the Cheap FIFA Coins PC or others.

Real Madrid fans can already pre-order the <b>Fifa Coins PC</b> and the PlayStation 3 of FIFA 14 special edition ahead of others. Special version included with the Real Madrid club-themed metal packaging casing, new Real Madrid jersey, FIFA 24 Ultimate Team Gold packs (Ultimate Team Gold Packs), and there are some other subsidiary gifts.

EA SPORTS FIFA 14 has some new design: the player will see the re-design of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and there is a very good stadium atmosphere. FIFA 14 will be available in September 26 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, <b>Fifa UT Coins</b> PC, Wii, 3DC, PlayStationVita, PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of the game, at the end of this year, it will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game.
Article source: http://www.fifacoinsmall.co.uk/news-47477.html

76 people break into the finals the previous season, nike australia halted the first round of the year--a dismal record, 76 people into confusion. After the end of the season, Brown talk to players individually, but seems to forget that Iverson. Brown told the media: "my private chat with Iverson. Problem has been going on for years between us, I heard him say many times eager to win, is not selfish, training hard. So, let us see it. "It caused a great stir, Brown on" training ", was a good thing the media described as" completely enraged Iverson. " Against this background, on May 7, 2002, the two men met in Mr Brown's Office, talking nicely and then Iverson held a news conference, causing very high concern not only local television broadcasts in Philadelphia, joined ESPN



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