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<P>Norbert. She did, however, commit to play hoops for the Green Knights, and I wish her nothing but continued success in the future! She will be missed around these parts!its schalow and drews again, you better come and tape our games this year, but do you have any other good catch phrases for the six peat?Oh, II will be there, my friends.On a related note, as sports director, I'm so proud of the way NewsChannel 7 covered everything that took place this past week. I especially want to thank Dale Ryman, Adam Kuhn, Sue Ramsett, Jeff Thelen, and the rest of the rest of the gang. </P>
<P>Game 3 Tightrope. Why bother spend money on going to the Grand Canyon when you put yourself in the centre of the action. Here's how it works: put some sellotape down on your floor and pretend to be walking gi



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