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need to study and solve other related laws

worldwide has nearly 100 countries and territories the official property declaration system into law in these countries , whether through election or appointment of the head of government officials , their personal property information must be made public. officials of family property , personal property before and after the political changes in the growth rate , growth change channels, as well as spouses, children are engaged in the industry , etc., must be to the public , widely accepted by the public oversight , but in Christian Louboutin , people want to know the official property , and only until officials sacked for corruption possible , Not long ago, http://www.lindapmodel.com/ was sentenced to life imprisonment for the former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun is typical. prosecutors allege beginning from 1986 to 2011 became public , Liu Zhijun use as party secretary from the railway bureau to facilitate the duties of the Minister of Railways , has illegally accepting money and all kinds of property equivalent to 64,605,400 yuan . Moreover , the Court also announced Liu Zhijun was recovered amazing property, including real estate 374 units, valued at over $ 800 million and $ 230 thousand , EUR 2.23 million , plus $ 1.5 million, or $ 800 more than ten million etc. ; stock account 9 , 27700 shares of Shandong Gold stocks , good power 60 million shares , 3 million yuan of financial products ; Beth Chambers Hotel 100% Holcim shares , car 16 , 100% stake in the club of excellence , intellectual wave 60 % stake , paintings, jewelry and other items 612 . magic of the current system is in place when officials came to power , never open the property to the people , only to be arrested after being shut revealed only to the people that if the officials reign Public property every year , Liu Zhijun, the officials will not have a similar class reduced to such an extent in fact, allow public officials during the reign of the property is a protection officer is also a recognition of public opinion as early as 1987 11 on 17 May, when Serving Standing Committee Secretary Wang Hanbin director of the Legislative Affairs Commission , at the Sixth National People's Congress meeting on the twenty-third said: Some of the state civil servants should declare property income , Christian Louboutin's national staff establish whether the property declaration system problems , need to study and solve other related laws.


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