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My rage at being suddenly quiet down helpless

My rage at being suddenly quiet down helpless. Next to sleep, broken dreams sky over the floor flowerpot. Finally went back to sleep more than an hour, that is, 22 hours ago, close to 4:00, chicken on the balcony downstairs neighbor began to sing, these Zhou Papi home than chicken chicken also hard day at around 4:00 time to start crowing, they have been poor clock timing of modern urban chaos disrupted, but they are also very responsible role to want to play, so my sleep was interrupted again. Qin willing to start without pain watch dawn. To the cock crow thing, I have worked hard N times, and I looked, and community leaders and guard the chicken owner myself, I even talked to friends who work at the newspaper, but the effort to go hard, finally able to escape a defeat. Chicken owner said he had the power of life and enjoy nature.
Community leaders say there is a civilized community every day to catch big or small business operators, how can you have time for these Jiminggoudao trivial. The guard even more simply, that I just gatekeepers, regardless of the rooster crows. Downstairs chickens are still chirping merrily. This brings me to another side of evil born from bile, I decided for myself six months to a painful dawn and do something. I have come up in the brain at least more than one thousand kinds of ways to retaliate chicken, fried, fried, stewed, fried, stewed, not too much as to a hundred times, I even thought of using bamboo blow poison ancient warrior The tactics of the tetramine blown cages, but was worried because of his marksmanship inaccurate neighbor tanks blown catastrophe in criminal ancestry and do strike.



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