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most of the kids in town are higher than

In a head, most of the kids in town are higher than rural children a head. Back to the car , opened the kids talk , people say this country speak Mandarin teacher mouth like chewing a date ; say that children who sat next country shares the taste, at least five days without a shower . Some people say that the computer is 386 , the reading room of magazines are last year's , really can not stand . Some even say that there is no football field , kendo hall, their life is how amateur ever ? Some children immediately when starting the parents to bring a strong book and an assortment of sweets and school supplies out , a combination of a lot , ready to be donated to children in the country . These high-end candy and stationery are a lot of kids never see the countryside . The two sides decided to put forward a teacher ceremony , gala get-together . The children quickly slipped home country , brought a wide variety of fruits, put together the desk and began gathering , this time, they found that only Jay Chou and SHE singing songs , they have a common after ...... activities , write a summary , write what kind of experience have . There is a girl is so written : to go so many places, seen so much poverty, I really feel that my own life is so happy . I was in a trance trip , I feel like God is good . As for rural high school kids who did not write the summary of activities to write , or write what kind of feeling, because separated too far , we will not know the ...... - the movie 20,30,40 perception is often said : Woman is made of water . when a lot of water to make a woman come together when they formed a sight of the head of the river . This is what I see Sylvia director 's new film 20,30,40 when the deepest feelings. Like the film 's story , like the reality of our lives , both flat, and messy , but evidently there is nothing association.



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