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media reports say because many Internet

Recently, media reports say because many Internet users Jiabu Zhu satire and opposition, Peking University Cancer Hospital recruited genetic Not having sex occurred, the female students to provide blood for research posts have been deleted (September 13, Beijing News). sex is one of the main ways the spread of HPV, with the sex of female college students did not occur as control serum is a scientific approach. This is not an ethical issue, but an academic question in the research, in order to maintain the sample accuracy and can control nature, a lot of times they do need pure pure samples. Accordingly, in the absence of clear motive and purpose of this behavior, see the virgin word on all criticism and irony, which witnessed much careless and ignorant side's satire and criticism, which just as someone teasing it, see the virgin word involuntarily go crooked thinking, can only express themselves low quality. Scientific research is has its own requirements. Sometimes this requires incomprehensible even to the point of this is not to say such cutting-edge areas of cancer research is the application of science in general, are to take extraordinary measures, extraordinary effort to succeed. Could we have used ordinary people vision to judge even the referee do? Examples of this are numerous, large aerospace field, small field of molecular biology, if one encounters or unconventional approach to human knowledge is not known phase in tune, We are all opposition, sarcasm, then science can progress? Similarly, since Virgin serum tumor control study more scientific value, in terms of the researchers, because the opposition do not have friends on timidity. since Virgin serum more scientific sense, it should openly, openly persevere. question now is far more than that. Peking University Cancer Genetic want virgin serum instead of virgin This body, while posting a cancer research institute and non other social institutions. many users for these two important conceptual issues are not clear, it will unfold in their own subjective criticism, but also quite a bit of the legacy of the Cultural Revolution, which is very easy to reach for some time now, there The hatred of the official part of the users and their hatred of the rich psychological behavior, of course, which is not excluded due to incomplete information caused negative controversy, this is normal. Peking delete posts tumors act itself also exposed some problems that science the existence of attitude, this reflects our lack of spiritual science, it also reflects the scientific principles of the stick. then, Copernicus heliocentric to adhere to the Church's persecution regardless of the reactionary right now, because it was ironic and questioning Virgin Blood on the deleted posts, but rather a kind of guilty. scientific truth does not change because someone oppose. hurried to delete posts, and have actually looked like himself somewhat guilty, is not conducive to the work of the future. virgin is An Vulgar



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