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Mano wedding scene Ultimately

Mano wedding scene Ultimately, though, Mano those years , those things, those words , after all, is the time to be cleaned up and exhausted , people finally coming into fruition marrying a foreign country , and to those who dedicated in her words men and women, and some are still waiting for BMW , while others are struggling and working hard for the BMW . If Mano valuable things done , which is regarded as one of its contributions to it reluctantly . From this point of view, after all, still a weak Mano , because she is someone else's needs BMW , sitting in her life where laughter is the best outcome , and reasonably should bless her. For one of the men and the women , it is impossible to escape as she can , as if you are still struggling , even today, do not own a BMW, but sooner or later you will eventually have its own BMW , and that time should have their own genuine smile and not someone else 's face . This morning, for the recent media reports of Wang Liqin and Yan pool with beautiful anchor broke the news, Wang Liqin responded by microblogging. He said : Perennial busy at home and abroad due to competition training , lack of emotional communication , choose to end the relationship . Third-party external influences were not purely personal reasons on both sides. Thank all the friends concerned about , please give me more space and blessing her . Wang Liqin and Yan-Chi met at a tennis event. Yan-Chi is a hostess at the time , and on stage interview with Wang Liqin . They leave each day phone number. With two more contact , Wang Liqin and Yan-Chi slowly established a relationship . It is reported that , in order to love this , Wang Liqin also opened the road especially for his girlfriend in Shanghai Star Channel found a job yet . December 2010 , Yan-Chi became a reporter star still channels. After several years of training, plus the identity of his girlfriend's Wang Liqin , Yan-Chi has become a rising star stars still channels. And more news, Yan-Chi 's new boyfriend is a second-generation rich . All along, the male star of the sports world are generally more optimistic about the culture ( arts ) female profession, style with became fashionable circles inside . Caring people who do a rough statistics , currently there are eight more well-known sports and cultural arts actor female form marriage relationship . But sorry , this style probably did not persist in the end with . It is understood that those who heard stories of style with probably are not coming into fruition , eight pairs of men and women , only two pairs to maintain a marriage relationship , adhere to today, only one quarter. In this regard, undoubtedly the most representative and former international pop diva Na Ying peak of romance. They began dating in 1995 , skelter period of 10 years . When 37 -year-old Na Ying regardless of elderly pregnant crystallization time they love , but with a Hotelier burst peak already a bastard , this sensational result, wait Takahashi .
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