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making it impossible to work together to find

bipartisan political battle , making it impossible to work together to find solutions to the current economic problems of the U.S. , so that the fierce anti- growth areas of the program , or to , or fetal death belly . We can say that the face of the current severe economic problems in the U.S. , not political consultation concentric to the edge, but never-ending battle. In this case, not only the United States can not introduce effective policies to resolve the current economic difficulties , but also makes the political battle to increase the market more uncertainty . In this case , the global market pessimism , the stock market crash and financial market volatility is difficult to avoid . http://www.intrinsicflooring.com/ To make matters worse , the European sovereign debt crisis for political reasons , after nearly two years of consultation and discussion , they could not find a solution to the problem . It can be said that if Greece and other " PIIGS " countries not in the euro system within a few , then the probability of such a serious sovereign debt crisis is not high , even if there is a devaluation can also be solved once the way . When the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the economic problems in Thailand and Indonesia are facing can be than the current economic problems of these countries. When the financial crisis broke out in 1997 , not through a series of economic policy adjustment was soon out of the predicament it? The current European sovereign debt crisis , the core of the problem is that the unity of the euro currency and credit this credit money back guarantee unity currency credit decentralized political power caused . For the European sovereign debt crisis , if not able to think from this point of view and a say on the basis of the introduction of the policy , http://www.intrinsicflooring.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts.html or reconstruct the euro monetary system , then this resolve the current European sovereign debt crisis is impossible. And because the European sovereign debt crisis European banks illiquid asset valuations overall decline , which could trigger a new round of European and global financial crisis. Also, the market was also worried after China PMI losing streak in March , China's economic growth mean that a significant reversal. And this reversal of economic growth, not only in overall economic growth is slowing down , China led the global economic recovery, the plane 's engine lost power , http://www.intrinsicflooring.com/hermes/replica-hermes-belts.html but also that the Chinese economy if the cyclical downturn , so that since 2008 the government over bailout policy rise to serious sequelae left China's banking crisis and the financial crisis.If the Chinese economy such as the U.S. and Europe as a problem , then the entire world economy will emerge over 2008 recession. It is estimated that the market is worried about the problem . In fact, the issue of China's economy , the issue should not be too worried if the government determines the current economic situation more clearly , and the introduction of targeted policies , then China 's economic growth will not have much of a problem . The Chinese economy is the biggest problem currently facing the current real estate bubble to squeeze , so that the domestic real estate market soft landing. This is the core of the domestic economic problems. If not, or took in 2008 to stimulate the real estate speculation over the road , then the future development of China's economy , could be even more disastrous than the current market many predicted . http://www.intrinsicflooring.com/lv/replica-louis-vuitton-belts.html Then , in this economic backdrop , hedge funds and other financial instruments to find the opportunities and tools to manipulate . Those with higher degree of openness of some markets, such as Hong Kong , as the lead agency in hedge funds and tools , is to make use of modern technology for all markets and financial instruments, manipulation , leading to the current global financial market is volatile.



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