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make such a bold attempt to carry out the mass

Again, make such a bold attempt to carry out the mass line in the process of educational practice is conducive to the introduction of the whole party activities, play a catalytic role. Obviously, the focus is not on the system construction of the mass line of educational practice, nor the law of the party's leading cadres evaluation, mainly a style of thinking, is a leading cadres to guide the activities of life and values, and finally settled on improving the Party's style of work, enhance the party's ability to govern. So, in one unit more successful experiences and practices, especially the whole party activities can reveal fundamental experience and practice, to promote open, would have a big demonstration and leading role.How can the party open to criticism and self-criticism popularity? Hebei Provincial Committee of democratic life can be so open to this extent, achieved so much success, thanks to favorable factors. The so-called day, the whole party is trying to restore its own traditions, are the mass line education through practical activities to develop and promote the efforts currently being undertaken to create a suitable atmosphere of criticism and self-criticism, or the climate, but also due to the party's general secretary personally involved, destined to give Hebei Provincial Committee of democratic life with new meaning, which is to explore the way democracy within the party, established standard;-called location that is associated with the above mentioned author History;-called people, it should be said that the Hebei Provincial Committee itself with a strong democratic literacy, with the ability to carry out criticism and self-criticism, which is from the depth of criticism and self-criticism, efforts can be seen in the National Youth author alone and Zhang Qingwei, Zhao Yong have more common ground, for two of the deep political and cultural literacy admiration, the same can certainly be above.
Despite this, the author of extensive experience in the practice of promoting not optimistic about the long stick is cautious. I emphasize recover the fine tradition of the party, advocating self-criticism, never stopped, only to carry on the organization conducted several times, the results are not satisfactory, many units have vulgarization party committees of democratic life, talk about the problems, often evasive, casually, talking about results, not enough fear to speak, so open democratic life became a combination of praise and self-praise. Since it has been formed as a trend, but it is by no means a trend change things overnight, so we dare not optimistic about the treatment.



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