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Lungs gloomy night air is replaced by fresh air

Lungs gloomy night air is replaced by fresh air , let him have covered an indescribable sense of comfort. He patted the hand , Shan Shan sleeves and start the day's work ...... a lot of people will ask , as this and other fairy -like old man , his work is a batch file or write calligraphy ? Or draw 10,000 yuan of money per square foot of ink ? Or is directing hundreds of millions of listed companies to mobilize funds battle rage in the mall ? When did I hear friends talk in the elderly, the elderly are also at least guess Dad CEO of Global 500 companies . But we all guessed wrong , who lived a happy life of leisure for the elderly, then served as village cadres at Monsanto , later transferred back to the city when a park ranger , and his wife together , in charge of cleaning the garden every day , eat live in the park , a salaried person , two people work, live calmly dull and happy days. And this day , in the eyes of many people is so rich , but not impossible ah ! Railways, highways and other transportation departments are planning the opening price of the hearing , when workers Liao Dacheng Year is coming, he must be in front of him wages owed contractors have six months to do something. In fact , he already had the idea , he had very carefully filed against contractors over wages thing, although he cautiously like a little mouse , but still caused a labor contractor anger , pounding the table and shook contractors alcohol face muscles are moved to scold him a bit to say : Do not forget this , I did not take you out, you can have a baby today ? You see every day, standing in the labor market Shadeng those big skull , which has gone well your day . People there is talk of conscience , is not that a few months salary? Are you afraid I'll give you rely fragmentation ? You are not do not know , I play mahjong , misplacing a gun is also more than this number ah ! This interest , then listened to the contractors , workers Liao Dacheng themselves feel a little despise myself , ah ! Just for that wages of less than 1,000 yuan , their behavior is not really a bit stingy with no conscience ? Then, after a month of the season to a close millet , dolls also reopened , two piles in the eyes of others is a joyous thing let Liao Dacheng more sad , closing millet to ask for help , not money . Doll reading, not to mention it. This time around, Liao Dacheng decided not to look for contractors , he went to have the official sector , he thought, contractors gotta listen to an officer of it . The government departments to find the action except that he knows there is a big world outside the office and in the summer Hai Ba people shivering , no longer what they harvested . Front comrades attitude is OK, but the other said he felt he was not too many words to understand, such as labor contracts, such as the minimum wage protection . When asked what he can only shake his head when he was the 15th head shake when the other began shaking his head , he knew , gone.




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