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Sun Chunlan important to emphasize that a large number of unemployed migrant workers could cause social instability has triggered high-level attention , the Ministry had sent several steering group before went around to learn more about the local situation of social stability . Sun Chunlan said that the current should strictly guard against hostile forces to use some of the difficulties encountered by enterprises ranks of migrant workers to infiltrate and sabotage .
But what exactly is domestic and foreign hostile forces aimed at the migrant workers ? Sun Chunlan not say , we can only pretend to fathom , hostile forces outside the financial crisis seems dire straits of the U.S. and Europe , Japan and Taiwan can count , including Tibetan separatist forces in hostile territory and East Turkistan separatists , as well as what kind of power , as well as some unemployed people , rights of people , freedom of speech or democratic people shouting , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com counting down calculate, may really be a lot of hostile forces , relying on the strength of the ACFTU simply hard to detect , the need to mobilize a large number of the police, armed police and even the army defending the job .
Conservative estimates , Gucci Belt's current number of migrant workers employed should reach 150 million people , the number of unemployed migrant workers currently at least 20 million or more. Urban unemployment Vocational and Technical College class includes more than the number of unemployed college graduates will not be less than 20 million , the number continues to refresh the .With the continuation of the international financial crisis continues , the domestic export -oriented manufacturing orders dropped sharply, causing many companies downtime downtime , cut the production in Guangdong, southern Jiangsu , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/ and other places there have been a large number of export manufacturing enterprises collapse phenomenon . According to the analysis , as the international consumer demand recovery will take time , and the employment of migrant workers and the international market equilibrium , but the consumer market has a interdependent relationship, so the tide of unemployed migrant workers , or to continue a few years time .



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