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Liu Zhijun checked for the inflection point

Ding books seedlings, Liu Zhijun checked for the inflection point, power shift caused by the removal of wind and storm barriers and outstanding payments in the event , hand power to the high-speed rail projects , such as Shadows , http://www.tovsh-mind.com/ ultimately resulting in 1.5 billion yuan installing wind barriers were removed and 4.13 one hundred million yuan of materials so far idle. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail audit report from a three-year perspective, bidding violations found in the audit is the main problem , which is the main reason for the former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun original incident of . MOR both policy -makers of the original , but also the arranger of funds, who is also the agency tender selection who was project is part of the bidder's leader, tender arbiter , set making, execution and supervision of power in one, in this case , the former Ministry of Railways officials in power want to escape the temptation of corruption almost impossible. Former Ministry of Railways of the problems exposed only former minister of railways scandal tip of the iceberg , during the reign of Railways Liu Zhijun enrichment figures have yet to open, the fact that an iron is around two years , Liu Zhijun turn a woman on the net worth of the storm increase of more than 40 million men of his former chief engineer Zhang Shuguang, the Ministry of Railways in the United States not only has many mansions , but also has an amazing offshore deposits ! Whether revocation of the Ministry of Railways mean to write off past corruption problem ? If you do not write-off , who will continue the liquidation of the original complex corruption within and outside the Ministry of Railways account ? Or who will clean up the mess left by railway construction ? First-tier cities over the past decade Belts rose 10 -fold crazy ! Although the central government issued a series of real estate control policies , but until the last government presided over a State Council executive meeting last time , regulation of prices is still the main issue. We can say that skyrocketing housing prices over the past decade has become one of the biggest flaw of the government, and will continue to be one of the most difficult to chew the bones of the new Premier Li Keqiang . Shortly after the two sessions , about 25 of the hot country is not over . Real estate star Pan Weibo speaking at a lower prices satin . A friend teased Pan have the ability of a surrender rates . He said as long as the state leaders declared that since January 1, 2014 all over the country the third set of housing per household , closing cost 1 % of the property tax , http://www.christineelizabethblog.com/ Ming rates immediately drop In addition, he did not forget to add two prerequisites : before Congress did not recover the tax authority ; while waiving all second-hand housing transaction taxes .



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