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Liang said the industry go through the summer

Liang said the industry go through the summer, our society in dealing with sensitive issues and events there is room for improvement. Normal things are often as sensitive events and social issues, there are several reasons, first of all to deal with less experienced similar problems, greater use of social patterns and values of the past on the basis of the work methods, thus leading to small problems turn into big problem, a small event turned into a social and public events. Followed by social rules of the system is not perfect, does not play a proper ability to regulate behavior, freedom is too high, too much flexibility, especially vary, resulting in speculation and Lenovo. Once again, the public is still in the process of maturation, gave space for independent thinking, a lot of people lack the ability to think independently, there remain gaps and dislocation, in this case coupled with a particular stage of development, too profound social contradictions, the result is irrational expression, is too much suspicion and doubt, even a normal thing.
If ......, there has been no if, because of Beijing University has made a good business decision to dismiss the summer.Saying here, I quote a little story. 90s of last century, the United States occurred in Texas, a human rights cases, there is one called KKK Knights white radical racist organizations, has repeatedly infringed black interests, the state Commission on Human Rights requested to surrender organization personnel Qaeda leader Laoai List of proscription of the organization, Laoai refused and legal assistance, so a lawsuit broke. Ethiopian human rights lawyer Griffin received legal aid dispatched to Lao Ai, a human rights lawyer for white black militant defense of the pressure exerted on it can be imagined, the most Hougeliefen help Laoyi won the case, told The New York Times interview, said: The three K Party said many evil, vicious, ugly words, but three K party has the right to say such things if you ask this question: they have no right to organize, assembly, freedom remarks? answer can only be that they have this right, we can not avoid it, if deprived of their rights, that is, deprived of my rights. he said, This case does not matter and racial differences and this case, and I liked Laoai, or Laoyi is not like me, it does not matter and this case involved whether he has the principle of freedom of speech and association. Give those organizations that we like First Amendment, the rights, which is very easy, which makes us feel good. those who make us angry, we can not wait to make it shut up those who practice the same principle, it is not easy, however, the First amendment is not for some people to protect others, but in order for the government to protect us all. example, if you start to deprive KKK's First Amendment rights, then the next is that we blacks suffer a Those laws will force them to silence surrounded us, forcing us to silence. Christian Louboutin has entered a critical period of growth, the key from the unprecedented opportunities, challenges unprecedented significant judgment in perception.



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