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Let the general public to express their views

Let the general public to express their views, complaint system and mechanism of its interests to protect its interests. It is only through the supervision of the functional departments and social two aspects of the general public, so as to achieve good results. Hebei agricultural bank robbery, for example, can short time to solve, is that these offenders fully under the supervision of the general public. The supervision of corruption and bribery, corruption of the real estate market should also is such. These days, every day there are Internet users in criticizing me from the house. But actually I never predict prices, was just media hype. Below is I wrote a article on June 5, 2005, is now a variety of people criticize I predict prices no articles, this article published in the 21st century economic report that month. It can be said that as long as the emphasis on the principles of market economy, never go to predict market prices. I also is such. Net friend see I predict prices before, the article is just say the word of a market or law. I don't have time to deal with some people's malicious criticism, because history will always show what so clear, but I should let people know that what I had said in 2005. This article is not a word I move to here, let people to read what I had said. It can be said that the 2005, and I didn't predict prices rise and fall, I just according to my three criteria (disposable income and monthly income proportion than house prices, mortgage payments, personal debt ratio) to analyze the residents' Cheap Ferragamo Belt affordability, just say the prices should be according to the three standard level is appropriate. Such analysis is wrong? Suppose, if yi xianrong, a really predict prices, is a person say what really makes a market? If it is not that the market is too fragile? So some people predicted that prices on writing to me make sense? Many people criticize I predict prices, they just want to through this way to tell people, yi xianrong, a analysis of things are not allowed to be meaningless, you don't listen to what he said. But telling people who need this? It can be said that every people have their own life wisdom, who don't need to tell them the house price is high or low, is to go up to still drop? Because their own personal life is the best answer. other; Real estate New Deal throughout;



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