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Let the author think of the film

Let the author think of the film follows a recent a few things, these things or big or small, but more or less related to the supervision of the word. Hunan chenzhou city former secretary of the commission for discipline inspection Ceng Jinchun repeatedly used strong positions of power in the hands of a crime, the biggest local supervisors after the size of the local officials and ordinary people an jubilation,http://www.egmisr.com/ from now on lifted above the top of the head of dharma Chris's sword. Some county in chongqing reappearing department recently hired 10 cadre supervision and observers, to strengthen the supervision of leading cadres 8 hours inside and outside, especially for 8 hours outside of the circle, the investigation of the words and deeds of life circle, it is said, the use of the electronic cipher device. Beijing last week, a regulation, requiring business area of over 2000 square meters of large and medium-sized catering enterprises must be installed in the place such as entrances and exits, hall, parking lot surveillance cameras, http://www.ttkennel.com/ all image information to retain a certain time, at any time to provide police inquiry. Xi 'an science and technology trade college student affairs, defence and five departments on Tuesday to dig out the students dormitory raids, at a time when most of the students are not present. The move is believed to be seriously violated the privacy of students, the school reason is: if you inform them in advance, or do not open the quilt, do not open the cabinet, how can you check to get the knife? The above case, supervisors and supervise the behavior itself without exception into a dilemma, or corruption, caused by the supervision be abused or questioned by at the risk of infringement of citizens' right to privacy.



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