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leading cadres are not scholars

leading cadres are not scholars , they are more practical problems to be solved , can have a high degree course better , however, if the main energy are used in the pursuit of higher education , and that was upside down , but those who think that Bo , Jiang Hongkun college degree to get a job or even an important appointment , which revealed the contents of the message , the media must now than some interpreted to be rich multi fact, it represents our party on the cadres, the employment -oriented, follow the scientific concept of development performance. past , for our cadres low qualifications , knowledge obsolete , cadres quality is not high , the ruling is not strong, fast and modern market economy and the rapid development of science and technology level is incompatible realities , made of cadres four modernizations to reuse intellectuals for some time , the cultural quality of cadres and indeed greatly enhance education level , but also produced some noise , that is , when there is an individual , in some places to this requirement as a fixed target , http://www.arizonaasap.com/ a hard thick stick , a handful of officials for promotion, taking fraudulent way to get a diploma , resulting in false diploma flooding - .. people summed up as really fake diplomas and fake diplomas really an official degree on my resume is also reflected in the high Zhimakaihua steadily , from undergraduate to master's and even doctoral caused comparisons with officialdom chase for qualification of cadres . the structure also needs scientific and rational knowledge in different positions require different levels of academic and professional , on a specific leadership cadres, comparatively speaking, is more important than the education levels of professional experts study suggests that in general one after graduating from college , competent high -level leadership and management. Jiang Hongkun so , the previous owner of the NDRC Zhang Ping became in fact only secondary education , but these are not good governing leading cadres managed to work? country into the era of scientific development , scientific development is the prerequisite in respecting the objective laws specific to the employment problem is to make the best , only the best use of education as a guide only factor , but not the only factor that can get reused , with on this premise, then no matter what qualifications you have , just received a certain level of modern education , as long as you have the ability , they will have their own stage . boost domestic demand, is to deal with the international financial crisis and prevent the economy from becoming cold , keep the economy important starting point for steady and rapid growth , but also the long-term goal of cheap gucci belts's economic structural adjustment . expanding domestic demand fundamentals are ordinary people have money to spend , dare to spend money. money to spend means the consumer can really put the time into the potential demand the real purchasing power of the current , http://www.arizonaasap.com/feed/ although the food and clothing problem solving, a well-off society into a preliminary , however , such a well-off or low level .



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