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laozhao because killing and in jail

In particular, laozhao because killing and in jail, the husband and wife divorced, four children have 3 gave a stranger; When the police to probing zhao zuohai homicides, pull open the laozhao parents' grave. Such a painful situation to cause the soul huge and very hard to imagine, heal the pain and need how much? So, this is not a schoolboy will calculate, in jail time multiplied by the worker average wage of the country's simple math problems. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/nonegenuine.htm I suggest laozhao, hire a good lawyer can lion big openings, when will he scored DaYu the judicial organs of bargaining. Clarify: I'm not incite Chen when to blackmail the government's unruly, in a sense, the case of state compensation, to some extent, marks the value of a nation of citizens' freedom and dignity. As for those who think laozhao is wrongfully is equivalent to the lottery, I would like to suggest that they are also the lottery once, personally feel worth it. Children's day that day, a man holding a gun rushed into the hunan province which lingling shoot the judge is in the office, three killed and three wounded, zhu the murderer shot himself on the spot. Many judges were gunned down in broad daylight, such a thing in the world any one country will be sensational news, what's more, Versace Belt is a country is extremely strict management of guns, the court is a fortified place. Various media reported yesterday the horrible news,http://www.drfrederickcook.com/cheap-louis-vuitton-belts.html a lot of people in the guess, what the murderer and the court have intense? Maintenance of justice judge became the object of attack, is easy to imagine that the court administer justice injustice problem, so that the parties held private revenge. Reports said, there is a and zhu on the execution of the case, is made up of lingling judgment and execution, the court sentenced to zhu won, and implementation in place, but zhu still resent, the resulting vengeful. If so, the zhu won the case but also with the judge, can not importune. In particular, the official said that, by zhu shot of the judge is not judge when solving criminal cases. Even if a huge resentment in your heart, also can not be innocent. http://www.al-naib.com/ So, it can only look for reasons from the murderer. Through various media reports, also found some clue of the hall, such as zhu divorced many years, long-term psychological distress, personality, violent, the murders before had a confrontation with the unit leadership;



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