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just decided what to do is legal

he would be helpless. Change this passive situation of the method is very simple, that is in constant should change - just decided what to do is legal and legitimate outside is illegal. Injecting shrimp, for example, is not necessarily what on earth is to clear up the glue, is edible gelatin or industrial gelatin - stand in the consumer's position, injecting shrimp the transparent material even edible gelatin, belongs to the legitimate food strengthening agent, is also a kind of completely don't need to add. As regulators, http://www.micompostela.com/ as long as that injecting shrimp contains unnecessary additives, can one ticket veto, identified it as a problem of food. Flour brightener last year end in the powerful public opinion questions, food additives, not need not add gradually into social consensus. Food safety law and regulation, food additive shall be technically proved safe and reliable, is necessary and after risk assessment shall be included in the scope of permitted to use, food regulators should according to the standard norm of supervision on the market. Injection of gelatin in the shrimp, obviously outside the confines of the necessary, its purpose is to increase the weight of the shrimp to sell a few more money, even to eat the undead,. To also allegedly shoddy, but a sin For this counter-intuitive behavior obviously, actually don't have to wait for institutions of quality inspection, the ministry of commerce and industry should investigate immediately. The water margin, Lin's wife Gao Yana attracts... What happened afterwards, in the celestial observation.



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