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Juaner sitting across from me

At the moment, Juaner sitting across from me , tearfully said: I put heart Doutaochulai , and also how do I ? How ? What happened ? I asked curiously Juaner lady. Well ! Juaner somewhat depressed, said: Ever since I put the company's cash account to Wang Jue custody after she made it clear the account , not the least mind business models , that is, less cash . Said her several times , but always wrong thing . had once , somehow less than a thousand yuan, can not really reason I immediately deducted from her pay several hundred dollars be alert yesterday to check her account and less a thousand dollars . asked her money gone , she Zhiwu a few words, replied that lend the company money without my boss agreed to lend to others how can casually ? solemnly pointed out to her to once again emphasize the company 's financial system , she does not speak a long while , and finally rather abruptly key to the door of the safe and Wang Zhuoshang severely fling, walked to the door , not at all looked down on me and I asked her: ' What are you doing ? Did I say something wrong ? ' light touches Wang Jue answer : 'You're right, I was wrong ! I'm wrong, you can always take it ! And then ? I looked at his face unpleasant Juaner asked. Juaner continued: The next day, something I did not go to the company , she did not come to work , a cell phone is not connected to her , she did not send text messages to me do not know what she was thinking ? Ago she also has a few times are not happy, not happy up to muffled temper , in the company said nothing , doing nothing , what people do not care for , mad at me . I puzzled, asked: Why is it so it ?




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