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It puts forward higher requirements

It puts forward higher requirements on black, and embodies the fairness and full of fun. Chess is mutual of playing the game, but for a long time requirements on the board to draw graphics, which is unique in all the chess, embodies the Tibetan unique aesthetic taste and spiritual realm beyond winning. Didn't see mans, but Liu Guxun visit, at least they saw another hidden in a disk in go chess. In the following days, three people continue to lane, inquire about the whereabouts of mans, they met several other forms of chess, but still no news of mans. Said DaWa mulberry cloth, dense mans later only a few aristocrats and temple monks in Tibet will, then, like the sea, nowhere. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/21/help-dragon-day-jiang-cuo That day, Liu Guxun three people go to the area of mulberry ill visit day living Buddha, walking past bajiao street, saw a lovely Tibetan girl, about six or seven years old, one tap oil around the jokhang temple. The scene is deeply imprinted in the Liu Guxun head, little girl pure eyes give a holy peace, she walked in the way of the pursuit of spiritual happiness. Liu Guxun thought a moment, looking for mans process, its itself is not a kind of happiness?



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