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It is worth mentioning that

But still need to ask, in public institutions recruiting process, carrot recruitment Why come and go ? In some places, in addition to the carrot recruitment and fraud recruitment, recruitment table tennis , or even a no examination on admission . Secret recruitment, carrot recruitment as if there is spreading , people worried. Some people are so keen on the intergenerational transmission of unlawful powers , not only to children Rotary launched , but also to get a ride , this civilization deeply rooted in the political , civil rights Increasing today, particularly glaring .In fact, the institution of openness, equality, competition , merit-based into the already clearly defined, but all kinds of carrot recruitment Apparently trampled the rigid requirements , the reason being in power too casual and powerful. Some carrot recruitment occurred in the sphere of influence of officials in power in their own third of an acre on the ground, the lack of effective supervision, officials They manipulate , any mess . To cover for them , and some officials through cross arrangement , send their children to other public institutions ...... eventually, carrot recruitment No matter what draped vest, is to achieve illegal Violation enter authorities or institutions purposes.Accountability efforts of the foam also created a carrot recruitment spread . A lot of time, carrot recruitment was sit real , but the parties are either denied or argued that this is a coincidence , and even boasted , saying Man often Situation . And the higher authorities either eye, close one eye , or symbolically Monastic cups , be halted , but directly by the operator and are behind unscathed or find another scapegoat . this is so, because the real These people have already arranged the employment of children as a rule, as it should be regarded as power benefits .Carrot recruitment phenomenon is not only the dignity of injury is the system , but also so that the entire government departments to follow scapegoat , and more directly to the evolution of a terrible job fight father game, which will undoubtedly lead to all sorts of undesirable consequences.
It is worth mentioning that, last year, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office on public comment , the cause will introduce a more powerful unit recruitment requirements . We look forward to continue to improve with the law , continue to strengthen supervision , illegal costs continue to increase , the abomination of various kinds of carrot recruitment phenomenon , and ultimately to reduce or eliminate. Ticket man warmth need to pass farther LIU Cheng It is these seemingly insignificant little bit of power , merged into one touched people's hearts warm , warm home of every person's mind



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