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It is said that her ex-boyfriend that

It is said that her ex-boyfriend that she can not stand these problems, and she was determined to break up . Had intercourse with her , I was able to transform clung to her faith . However , the fact that I was wrong, saying already told me, leopard change his spots ah. So, we just constantly running forward , the result is often quarrel , and soon , noisy point between us and the ignition are becoming more and more low , and sometimes necessary to say a few words noisy point . This is not the main thing. She could not tolerate me , she once recently and I fight , he went out there to run her ex -boyfriend . At first I did not know that she was back to her home , or girlfriends out there , even if I leave her phone is not connected . I inwardly , do not take do not take it , but not to sleep on the streets . Later, however, her girlfriends and her family are looking for a phone call , I was alarmed. It turned out that she did not go to two places , but went to her ex-boyfriend there. And several times before she is to him there. I am outraged ! I have nothing against her ex-boyfriend contact , but it must be limited to within the normal range of contacts , how can he spend the night in it ? After questioning her excuse that they do not sleep together at night , but who can believe it ? Needing , although I can not imagine them so small-minded consultations , but it absolutely can not imagine them was so noble . Besides, they are after all broke up earlier , why this time also like it, I really do not understand , she explains not clear . After asking her ex-boyfriend so far no new girlfriend. I was not going to break off , good sake They do again ? Because after all, this is the case , I certainly can not accept. I believe the vast majority of men is unacceptable . Tiantangzhai paradise in a stockade , without Zhaizhu and Yazhaifuren , but there are beautiful waterfalls . Once there are mountains and water infiltration Aura . In this mysterious paradise , you will reap the infinite beauty ! Spring Scenery . Roadside, readily visible streams . Jumping, running , heading it in mind the ocean , so tirelessly , day and night singing . Once imported pond , it immediately became quiet again , act on new roles , take on new tasks , quietly hold new hope. A strong sense of character stream , but also inspire the people , the mission and role will change with time , place and change , only to adapt to this change , people can live a worthwhile life to harmony. Mo Yan won the prize , and it is to be expected and unexpected prize , the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is a christian louboutin writer and cultural people dream , ask diligently event .



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