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It is reported that about Xu case

It is reported that about Xu case , the central investigation has been more than a year , a breakthrough from a residence near the Hong Kong mainland actress , who is closely related with Xu . CCDI investigation team last year before the Olympic Games begin Data Figure: gucci Television beautiful anchor Li Yong Xu bribery investigation , there has been no progress to Beijing several times during Xu activities for themselves out of trouble . But Xu is a breakthrough in the case of Hong Kong from a very familiar , years ago , Talents Scheme to obtain the status of Hong Kong residents in the Mainland actress . However, the actress in some overly assertive behavior , soon to be eyeing the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the national security staff. Currently, a lot of people guessing for this unassuming actress , talk a lot . Although each is inseparable from behind corruption corrupt sex, but that is the color of money transaction dictates, this is relatively easy to understand . With his pretty woman exchanged money. It is hoped to take advantage of young, pretty, in exchange for money . Is essentially a simple transaction behavior , similar to the market crunching . But for those celebrity actress it exists , this type of money is not so important , because, as the actress who hands not bad money , but if you follow this line of thought continues to think , so beautiful actress will not be near the senior officials of the . So what factors make them one after it? The original actress who fancy power officials body . They use their power to seek greater wealth is also longer and larger influence. Or are they taking a kind of option . The source said that due to the strong background Greatly , in Taiwan, a lot of energy , almost no one dared to offend her. They know that the officials did not have much money can squeeze , or failing to appreciate that point of spending money , they need the help of power in the hands of corrupt officials to intervene engineering, project and so on , we can say that these actresses get more greedy side the greatest degree of satisfaction . Reverse is also true , right in the hands of corrupt officials who take advantage of playing actress , but also to meet the needs of a more greedy desire sex , playing actress make them more accomplishment , can be said to take advantage of each other , leveraging each other , meet each other . This is the actress and corrupt officials have become easier to chase the target each other with each other . Carina officially became Liang Taitai had gone 10 months, she was happy to share a few days ago to Taiwan , Liang too experience, responsibility with a sense of belonging is more intense .




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