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it is interesting to note that a place class

Such scenery, to individuals, has its positive significance to the society. For true love and marriage is yearning and pursuit of all time is the main power of the human society survival and reproduction and development, as the Wang Hailing say, single will not become the mainstream, real life things is a mainstream status, single is a kind of respect to people, the diversification of social performance. Our society is becoming more and more tolerant, more and more respect for individual rights and values, the non-mainstream theories, concepts, cultural phenomenon, way of life no longer hold an either/or, mortal arbitrary attitude, from a dink family, to no longer see gay risque heresy, to admit now single is also a way of life, etc. cheap Versace belt academy of social sciences, the problem of Replica Versace Belt's current development and the livelihood of the people report shows that in 2006 53.6% of people in Replica Versace Belt think they belong to lower and lower, the number proportion than in 2003 increased by 2.6 and 9.9% respectively; In a questionnaire about who benefit the most, answer national cadre, the number of rows in the first place (Replica Versace Belt news network on June 8). News reports said, it is interesting to note that a place class cadre of salvatore Versace monthly income in 5000 yuan of above, also think they belong to the lower... The author thought that this is not interesting, and it is a very sad thing, if such as reports, the place class cadres also mortgages, supporting the elderly, and parenting stress is very big. The author a few years ago was a north bleaching gens, monthly income of less than the place class cadres is low, although no mortgage payments and parenting stress, but for the housing, salvatore Versace hukou, the plight of all sorts of insurance, the monthly pay rent, utilities and cash-strapped, hard work ten hours a day is still a sense of impending loss, worry about being fired by the boss, the distress of life, the mood of the depression, far more than ordinary citizens in salvatore Versace's hutongs, it's hard to take to the middle or upper classes.



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