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it has become the urban waterlogging

Surviving storm , disaster currently talking about a city in the developed or developing , may seem quite boring and frivolous , you need to ask is that heavy rains, floods, rainstorms will paralysis why every lingering ? People come to the city to live, people living in the city in order to live a better life in recent years , it has become the urban waterlogging circled overhead in the public cyclical nightmare. As early as 2004 , when he was mayor of Beijing Wang Qishan keenly that Beijingers hope every day the waters came afraid of water . This exposed the Beijing urban construction, municipal infrastructure and other aspects of weakness . When he was Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi also said the city should increase public social cause, bridges, drainage, sewerage and other infrastructure investment . Beijing to inadequate infrastructure make up this lesson .Beijing is a water shortage in the city, but during heavy rains , the city will be poured into a drowned rat , people have been pouring and cool , years, year after year , without exception , so that MBT Association for Disaster Prevention , responsible person with respect, The whole world watched Beijing joke . Easy to do jokes , jokes should not be easy to see every year , but we did it in mid- urban waterlogging , let the whole world see the joke. Behind this , what hidden secret ? Infrastructure construction stop at the mouth of the storm , or just flashy infrastructure projects ? Or too fierce rainstorm , so functions helpless. ?Admittedly, this storm is 61 years Beijing has experienced the biggest heavy rainfall , and in particular full response . Beijing Flood Control Office , weather and relevant functional departments to coordinate linkage, some departments full employment, such as 7000 traffic police all the police on the road. Allegedly, the rescue of cadres into no less than 100,000 of the public, unfortunately, Yanshan Branch of a police station in the line of duty in the relief process . Functional departments dedicated , should get appreciative , and 10 people died , also need to mourn . In the fight against rainstorm, we can also see that the recovery and growth of civic spirit , that someone created a little sigh history : a mother in labor in the car blocking ; a lying in the water to clear the sewer uncle ; one died in the ring road brother ; a sacrifice in front of the police station rescue long ; crowd did not stand in front of the gutter covers sanitation workers , a group of traffic police by large rain penetration , a group of well-meaning passers- equipped friends, unable to return home crowd greeted the man who stay ! Come on Beijing !



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