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it has a wealth of nature among

As young people , it has a wealth of nature among the upward pursuit factor , everyone wants their own conduct in the higher social basis, to achieve greater social value. That being the case , you must be ready to accept the moral identified . Think about it, we ourselves judging others , to be fully accepted , never completely abandoned morality in isolation materialized content. So, when a person acts sole focus is on personal interests , it is neither possible socially acceptable , it will not truly experience the meaning and value of life .Still the case evidence. Just the other day , there was a doctoral student listening to my report that there are many people in the military academy agrees to you , it is in terms of the value of life . I believe that this sentence can provoke thinking , if only from the millions of words I have published several writings speak , he certainly would not say so , because in our unit , educated car found everywhere , he is certainly put me in 20 years time, come up with more than 20 million royalties and wages , funded 206 school children in poor areas , this moral practice covers the inside. Does this prove that a person had before it needs virtuous ?At this point, we make such a judgment : Germany and is the wings of a bird , the two cars , are indispensable. You want success in today's society it must be a strong consciousness to improve their morality, and morality should be idealized moral practice , turned into a philosophy of life and behavior, conscious , long-term trend continues . Should also be clearly recognized , morality has always been a peter movement , if ship to the pier car station generates a feeling , it started downhill , you have to ensure that they have been walking in the right path , it should be moral practice as a lifelong effort to enhance the moral direction , and never slack. In short, a promising young man, one would like to conduct a more beautiful image of youth in contemporary society , is certainly not neglect or abandon the cultivation of moral character .



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