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is the more important things

http://www.annamariahemingway.com/ The question now is, director, section chief in exercising their functions and powers, have great discretion, from the project to the capital, to anyone who does not give, give more for less, when give, sometimes depends on head, section chief of a pen. In this case, put who director, section chief of the seat, is likely to be corrupt. Often heard that a domain or a job is the high incidence of corruption, once upon a time is the department of urban construction, transportation, or head, then scope expands unceasingly, the department of science and technology, the traditional sense of the water in colleges and universities are not immune, now is the director, head of the section. In fact, the so-called high incidence of corruption is a false proposition, any department and individual mastery of public power, as long as there is power operation is not standard, opaque holes, will open the door to trade power. Officer is not big, have the right to in spirit. The so-called economic, director of the economic, the section chief of its essence, is dependent upon economic power of a more prominent pustules, only to remove the pustules, is saw arrow therapy. To effect a radical cure of economic power, only to realize all-round on power restriction and supervision. In this sense, further strengthen and better to delegate, to reduce and lower the administrative examination and approval matters, can only play a limited role, and how to make the power run in the sun, is the more important things.



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