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is endure which cannot endure

http://www.treasuredmemoriesretreat.com/ On September 8, quot;guangzhou dailyquot; reported that guangzhou housing found in the inspection, economy applicable room with four families will buy or rent housing rent or sublet, then instruct 3 families immediately return the purchased affordable housing, cancel the qualification of the subscription of the next five years. Take back 1 families illegal sublease housing and recovery and the difference between the market rents. After the news network, Internet users send ring has met with a warm, a lot of the media yesterday also comment on the matter, are sure to guangzhou - for these fraud and is to hunt down and dig in, and hopes to become the norm.
http://www.intocartoon.com/ On September 9, quot;guangzhou dailyquot; was ordered to return a house events further reported that guangzhou have since June this year, a total of 654 households does not meet the requirements for the application of low-rent housing, and cancelled the qualification of low-rent housing security. Guangzhou housing office held a press conference stressed: affordable housing belongs to the public resources provided by the government, in order to profit goes against the social fairness and justice, and the serious investigation is to dispel some fond dream, can't because of a few mouse addled. Just for fun destroying porridge nature to beat up, the author not object to this. Policy of housing has not enough, there are so many qualified people still standing in line waiting for, but some of the other boleyn girl, is endure which cannot endure.
http://www.artandframingclub.com/ Guangzhou to strengthen the practice of economic housing and low-cost housing follow-up supervision is clapping in c, affordable housing violations in recent years, the phenomenon such as purchase, lease in the lands, and investigate the real like guangzhou is still rare. Just beat up, however, also analyze the cause of the mouse, using public resources provided by the government to profit may be just one of them, and there is malicious and necessity. Said in the news, was investigated in rat excrement, a guangzhou citizens WuShaoRong Sir, the reason why Mr Wu will buy affordable housing rental, because can't afford to live, he and his wife have a combined monthly income of only 1200 yuan, and affordable housing for 1073 yuan per month, but under had to rent the for.
http://www.malras.com/ Check-out now ordered by the government, Mr Wu losses - not only to move back to the previous humble abode, 6 square meters and more than twenty thousand yuan of taxes and property costs are also gone. Some might say that Mr Wu was shooting themselves in the foot, a bag so shy still dare to buy affordable housing, why not go to apply for housing? Must be to want to want to mad house.



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