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increase political mutual trust

In order to further understand the fundamental and universal value, and the pursuit of international society for close cooperation. (3) to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation. Work together to make the east Designer Belt sea a sea of peace, cooperation and friendship. Fascism is a kind of believe that nation states is the highest political ideology, was created in historical records of the 20-30 s, Mussolini became Italy government, Hitler's Germany government and other countries the official ideology of militarism. Everything in order to state this slogan sums up all the ideas. On the issue of relationship between individual and nation, the fascism that individuals must be fully integrated into the national and the collective, proud of country or race, unconditional loyalty to country, responsible for the state, for national sacrifice and appearance, became a national hero, is a people as members of the national total value. Fascism is on the French revolution after the formation of the western mainstream culture and values of comprehensive reactionary. Died in 1789, under the slogan of rationalism, progress, freedom, equality value was, instead, the struggle, leading, and concepts such as power, heroism and war.



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