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In the not to produce any documents

In the not to produce any documents nor my identity for any situation , nostrils braved cold air and said: card out. Because the moment I do not necessarily carry identity cards , certificates showed that they had the reporter , a tall thin young man two fingers Nianzhao card like my correspondent did not wash Nianzhao a few years insole , carefully looked at , and earnest check my looks, the documents back to me. I think everything will be gone , I can go back to bed sleepy continued to be interrupted , only to inspectors lying on the table for my fiancee 's photograph became interested , http://www.lindapmodel.com/ curious or something else I do not know the reason , very politely asked me: who is this woman ? She usually live here it? At this moment, no reason to be awakened at midnight and the crowd stood naked eyes suspiciously , I felt like a helpless little sheep, perverting the hearts and bitterness do not know what to say . Although I do not know who came in to check my , but also not wearing any uniform , but I know some talented handcuffed them , waist must also have electric batons, if the viewer is not honest , it is likely to be as a crackdown achievement was handcuffed night mosquitoes fed back up tomorrow morning, but for me to say sorry or simply say nothing. So I secretly told myself in my mind , do not impulse. Chaye of five or six people in my room less than 10 square meters small room looked about ten minutes , and nothing harvest, then dismissed out soon, the next will be thunder and lightning came a knock on the door , then two girls crying ...... I am deeply insulted inquiries by telling her shut the door in my card back in the drawer reporter , I saw my CPPCC member card, I think, if you just take the card out , perhaps it will be a little bit better .http://www.lindapmodel.com/uk/louboutin/christian-louboutin-uk.html But then I thought, I rejected this idea, and I naked, wearing only a pair of underwear image , it is difficult to say that after one of the documents presented , it is no longer in my life the most humiliating memories, perhaps the outcome is likely to On the contrary, I just did not find the documents themselves but secretly glad of . I go to work I saw soldiers guard Huang 's son and baby are fat kids in the yard debate an issue. Two children a fat one thin Cha Zhaoyao blushed look reminiscent of the debate seriousness Two children identified Day on the ancient scene. Bucai though I have not the capability Confucius , but ordinary curiosity is still there, so Couguo ears to want to hear what the kids in the quarrel , I think if you're lucky, maybe ten days can be like that before , heard them argue , how long does a frog teething problems, maybe you can also write an article picked up royalties to earn a few dollars to buy lunch yet. Two fights tired little guy seems to me more than I want to get involved in their arguments go . It seems they win seemed a little tired, the urgent need to prove himself to be a referee and correct each other's mistakes. And I'm just in time. http://www.lindapmodel.com/uk/louboutin/christian-louboutin-sale.html Thin soldier doll hasty , he pulled my sleeve , it is urgent to say: once Uncle, you talk about, Mid-Autumn Festival is not August 16 ? I was going to answer , he said no, but very anxious to see his face like sweat , feel a little strange , so lengleleng want to hear how fat is saying . When a reporter for many years so I developed an almost slick problems - without listening to both sides of the dispute before the statement , and never easy to express their views . Fat face also has sweat, but also no less than soldiers looked anxiously baby , he said : uncle , Mid-Autumn Festival is obviously on August 15 , but the soldiers are chosen to say baby on August 16 , I gave him to correct he does not accept the advice you give 'comments , we see who is wrong ? Overweight intimate knowledge of rational look like no place to say grievances . Soldiers , she said : obviously Aug. 16 Mid-Autumn Festival , every year on this day my dad bought me a moon cake , we have every year on this day the full moon night, August 16 is the Mid-Autumn Festival ! Fat is not a sign of weakness , a stride across the front of the soldiers baby , hands on his hips , nose to nose, screaming and said: obviously Aug. 15 , http://www.lindapmodel.com/uk/louboutin/replica-christian-louboutin.html my dad every year on this day my mother would take me to the outskirts of the resort , while eating moon cake , while the full moon , I remember very clearly ! Two children are very serious look makes me feel a serious matter . For two preschoolers , they value the extent of this matter is clearly worse than an adult , I imagine. Then I vaguely remember something last Autumn , August 15 afternoon, I drove out across a fat , fat in the window where it proudly and say hello to me and said: We went to the moon lotus lake ! Within the window , the price of a few hundred dollars moon cake boxes reflecting the dazzling sun. And I also remember that on August 16 last year , that is the Mid-Autumn Festival next day, I saw the guard Huang buy food back , carefully hidden in a box of moon cake . In fact, many laid-off workers like him are to buy moon cake on this day , because this day, moon cake like a princess turned into a yellow face , all of a sudden the price nine tenths . I clearly remember that night Huang and Wang Bing baby sitting in the courtyard of the day look, they stood in front of a small square stool , a small square stool stood moon cake . Bing crunchy baby sing : ! http://www.lindapmodel.com/uk/louboutin/christian-louboutin.html August 16 month child my father bought me a round moon cake ah ah ...... This time, I had two children to understand what the fight is . It also makes me very embarrassed . I want to shine directly on the soldiers , she said , should be the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 , but some could not bear . Mid- fat said I should be trying to cheat on August 16 , but instinct told me that it is immoral to lie to kids , but this scam can only be maintained up to the next until they encounter an adult . Just my dilemma , I suddenly came up with a way to get out , I quietly attached fat ear: What you say is right, Mid-Autumn Festival is August 15 ...... I was attached to the soldier doll ear said: you're also right, your family's Mid-Autumn Festival is August 16 ...... I feel , then let his face had a hot feeling. I almost slipped out of the cell door to escape . I do not know that even a few words deceive themselves whether to stop the two children of controversy , but I really hope the sky suddenly jumped out of a rainbow or an alien or something, to divert the attention of the children , http://www.lindapmodel.com/uk/louboutin/christian-louboutin-outlet.html so that they no longer put the controversy to proceed. In the next few days , when to go into , I even met a little scared because two children , but seemed a bit sneaky of ...... ( Figure switched title My marriage network ) is the son of migrant strong baby grandson III year -old , he was in this world of more than two thousand five hundred days, many people have experienced two or even a lifetime risk of life and never experienced the disaster , so that people are aware of the weir safflower his great life . About his great life legend dates back to seven years ago, he was born that sultry night.



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