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in overtime almost y-sharing.com

But fujian shot two points beyond the double of bayi, make full use of the double foreign aid inside scoring ability. Wang zhizhi's offense was sandwiched between two foreign aid in turn inside close hand-to-hand combat let wang zhizhi is not used, whether offensive or defensive, he seemed more difficult, this special late in the game and prominent. He often can only attack is not entered in three points outside shooting, just feel bad, when he threw three points from the perimeter, rebounding basic for fujian is white. Bayi no breakthrough, offensive repertoire appear too drab, although the score has been leading, have no ability to muster will further lead. Fujian's defense almost don't have much chance to bayi in the paint, two foreign aid's hard spirit helped let bayi repeatedly third, with declining physical nature also fell, the shooting post player and not rob rebounds, in overtime almost defeated by potter alone, only her arms to surrender. Anyway, fujian to the teams play bayi did a very good demonstration, that is three quarters must bite the score, the fourth quarter in double foreign aid to master living inside the active, if you have song-lin gong, Lv Xiaoming scissors passer, overcome once; especially the bayi not daydreaming with wang zhizhi, is also a man to know wang zhizhi. http://www.brioenergy.in/node/114/



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