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Almost every officer down, in addition to continuing to refresh the record of the amount of corruption , but there are more than a house together with the evidence listed in the eye-opener , but also very sadly distracting . Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau , political commissar of the Panyu Branch Cai Bin and his wife and children name has 21 real estate, real estate total area of 7,203.33 square meters , a conservative valuation of real estate in more than 40 million . Changsha Municipal Bureau , former director of facilities construction any Changsha Assistant Secretary Planning Bureau , deputy director of the period , reported in a number of real estate project planning approval to build respect for the property owner to seek benefits , http://www.y-sharing.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts/ money-making tens of millions . As the People's Forum said : House with dozens or even hundred sets of main production people into three categories: First, the rich or officials around the country, the second is evicted , the three real estate speculators . Whether rich or evicted benefit real estate speculators , their access to the house fairly legitimate antecedents . Street parade down the street twice, the first police car siren open open net posts, said the girl will be taken to the police station the police illegally detained for 12 hours . The net posts broke the news to a lot of users are then forwarded comment.girl's father , said net posts not his hair , http://www.y-sharing.com/louis_vuitton/replica-louis-vuitton-belts/ but his statement broadly consistent with the net posts . Raofu Gui said , after his daughter called police to the police station to demand an apology . Later, the official notification of the time and different Raofu Gui also insisted things happen in April 6 . Previously, the township party secretary Yuanze Hong Coke responded that the day of the incident , deputy mayor led to the streets remediation street stall , a dispute with the girls and their families , the staff rushed to the police station , I do not know underage girl with handcuffs handcuffed her Lives put on police cars . Microblogging preaching jiangan land matters related to municipal solid waste landfill , the project application for the project in 2008 , the Three Gorges Reservoir and its upstream water pollution prevention plan treatment project , http://www.y-sharing.com/ the Provincial Development and Reform Commission ( [2009 Sichuan Development and Reform region ] No. 650 ) approved the project for the Office of Development and Reform Commission NDRC to invest Man [2010] No. 1889 approved estimates . The project will address the county 's waste disposal problem of 10 million people , the country is a livelihood project . Screen appear in the picture is being taken away from the police officers blocking workers . Seven officers were surname Wang ( male , born in 1969 ) , the surname Wang ( male, born in 1939 ) , the surname Wang ( male , born in 1968 ) , the surname Wang ( male, born in 1978 ) , Xiong Moumou ( male , 1942 ) , has a certain ( female, born 1951 ) , http://www.y-sharing.com/hermes/replica-hermes-belts/ Yang Moumou ( female , born in 1964 ) . Upon review, the seven people illegally blocking the illegal workers and confessed to beating government staff , and have the testimony of witnesses , and other audio-visual materials as evidence , according to the above seven units to disrupt the normal working order , assault offenses to be treatment .



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