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In a society under the rule of law

In a society under the rule of law, good social order not only depends on people's moral self-discipline, moderate supervision is necessary, the problem is a moderate degree of how to grasp? Supervision, as a kind of public power, in the process of execution, could infringe on their citizen's private right, ever less and reach the effect of supervision, it seems, it's really a difficult problem. And had to back to who the watchdog this proposition. If outside supervisor to set up the supervisors, http://www.drfrederickcook.com/bradleyland3.html will into a cycle of infinite supervision, western extreme nationalists, for the reason of denying all the rationality of supervision institution and supervision and behavior. The author is neither a political scientist, but also illegal, dare not to say this. But the author thought that, through the supervision of power restriction and supervision of the diversity of main body, can make the supervision and control within a reasonable and effective. In the school dormitory of the students, for example, should be checked prior to the school's behaviour to a certain limit, and invited as a visiting student representative, so it could avoid cause students widespread antipathy. The Ming emperor zhu yuanzhang for setting up the country's biggest secret service security and more by the later generations, its reason lies in the huge security power is too concentrated, more followed. In terms of Cheap Ferragamo Belt's current national conditions, how to make the existing supervision authority power to become a kind of limited power



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