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If their children are facing is not a normal

If their children are facing is not a normal buffet, but in life as a major competition. They want their children to be the winner of the competition, even if this competition is only a buffet. Some parents sit still, burst into the circle from the dish to help kids grab. For them, as long as you can help a child, let alone Flanagan thin, perhaps thirty feet high walls and even all the social moral and legal regulations are not any obstacles. With individual parents into the competitive landscape changes. The dish was originally selected child suddenly became vulnerable. Their father and mother, and how can I see their children faced with such an unbalanced competition yet. So throw off too thin and rules rushed to grab food in the ranks. All of a sudden, you scramble, cutlery flying, and most kids are back in their seats, different expressions Mom and Dad looked for his grandparents scraping. Soon, before they piled up a few times they eat small dishes in the mountains. Something only a few parents of children who did not come crying plaintively carrying empty bowl next to Mom and Dad talking about. This caused some parents and children ridicule. Flowers to pieces on the table, put out of ten small candles seven. Not adequately chew over the table or not chewing food a mess. Principal of the kindergarten, said: dish luncheon this time we are not worth much, but the number is definitely ready enough, but do not know why they end up with such an outcome. Such things only experienced one, enough to make a child do not believe any such comity, humility, contentment and good stories, they will think it is lie to a child. Newspaper know, humans quickly into nanometer era, rice, peanuts Ah Q only know, have not heard of nanometers, then went downstairs to find the greatest intellectuals of the unit Kung to him for advice nanometer is what east . Kung recent stock quilt, Valentine was dancing, eating Viagra is not very effective, not liking things piled together, the mood being unhappy, saw Ah Q tightlipped, a gallant nothing looks natural for him to remain vigilant, dragged him to settle in the root bench three meters outside before opening Q: old Q, there are losers, in addition to borrow money by something outside, even though you speak. A Q curiosity is strong, also refused to see Kung face, or according to established policy, the nano-problem side bang out. Kung recently in a bad mood, newspapers naturally see less, but he can not afford hung in front of Ah Q When the soft egg yet. Where are ashamed, but in front of Ah Q disgrace this foolish pack too silly. So, he Paixiong Kou said: Nano what? Simple! Kung heart, though not the end, but Ah Q empty eyes gave him confidence, and he will be polite, put on plus plus they know the reasoning mysticism, Hunhundundun crumpled, thin gooey Ah Q to the skull originally not very good in a paste, said: Nano? Nano is the Nano, is a new concept, you know what the new concept, the concept of the new concept is a lot of money!



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