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If the theory of social concern

If the theory of social concern , Bo private prosecution affair , he , Wang Lijun , Xu and Neil . Wood Valley off with thin between the good and bad , the former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun single gun to pick over the Grand View Garden beauty wonderful plot, Shanghai judges collective prostitution insider stories, would certainly be more than the news media Xue Manzi prostitution value , do not know why the news network where no mention ?
Bo Xilai has been arrested since last year , the media was filled with a chill atmosphere to combat disinformation pass rumors fast network , whether it is Bo Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate or a series of actions , should permit the original network on the rumors , and more exciting than the rumor more real . Any rumors generation has its profound social background and political context , the reason why the rumors spread, because the public is not the truth , including large and small, official media naturally can not pass the truth.
A society without truth and rumors will be popular. Ironically , many of the rumors eventually become a reality , the rumor is often the source of the rumors ! In recent years , the number of bizarre rumors on the Internet , and ultimately are all confirmed, in a passive and embarrassing , it touches on the role of those who try to conceal the truth .
August 10 , the network celebrity social responsibility forum held in CCTV new site . National Internet Information Office Director Lu Wei celebrity with the network for the exchange forum. Jilian Hai , Liu Hong , Chen Li , Pan Shiyi , the ancient Keng Yong , Chen Tong , Zhou Xiaoping , Xue Manzi , Shiping , Qi Xiangdong , Sun Jian , Hu Yanping , Zhang Guoqing , Gao Long , Xu Xiaoping , Li Ning and other networks are not celebrities, gathered new CCTV studio on network celebrity social responsibility this topic, talk about dialogue .
Lu Wei at this meeting to ask my network Big V to assume more social responsibility and strict compliance with the official out of the seven bottom line : First, the laws and regulations of the bottom line ; Second, the bottom line of the socialist system ;



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