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If the rain after they finished wiping soap

If the rain after they finished wiping soap over and over migrant workers have not stopped the meaning of the song , then it can be horrible. Shed low -lying , contractors had envisioned , as long as they are being built this building up of the first layer , migrant workers can move in , and thus , the production cost will be shed to emerge , the cover is old oil , blankets, sun drying , soft boil boil down stream Blackwater , a heavy rain shower , then off to the whereabouts of life and life to black . This is not the most terrible. The most frightening thing is that due to the location of the original scribble , making the site become a distribution center shed the rain , every heavy rain , the first place is flooded . Rain washing bath of migrant workers saw that the rain has not stopped the meaning , then quickly ran back to the shed , and rain began to prepare to fight . Often, they are the first to throw his little luggage on wooden bed, to avoid being soaked in water or drift away , then they began to wash basins and other water containers and tools clutched in his hands, looking like a specter , like rain they climb slowly repaired numerous times cordon. If the rain stop there , they will then applauded , even squatted on the bed tease rain , said: kind you up, up ah ! However, today's rain obviously did not want to give them the opportunity arrogant , it is very effortlessly over the door along slowly moving forward with . Ground water under dry ash coerced become some excitement in the air for one wet dirt taste. Migrant workers began reinforcing berm boxes with pots and bowls and other containers to scoop water out of the past , they have played a modern idea , think storage room by a submersible pump , just use that thing a draw , then a big rain they not afraid. But contractors and curators seem to be gang and rain , and resolutely refused to help them .




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