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If the public security organs according

If the public security organs according to law over the handling , in the process of handling the rights of the parties can be assured that the law will become the preferred way to resolve the contradiction , it simply does not exist to Christian Louboutin Shoes to petition the argument. The petitioners in Christian Louboutin Shoes to petition a large part because of the laws, especially the lack of trust in the local justice system , and thus choose to believe that a higher level of administrative power.From the Christian Louboutin Shoes surrender hero reasons stated point of view, a do not trust the local police , with the addition of a hope to find a lawyer in Christian Louboutin Shoes to help me , the same point is able to receive adequate legal assistance concerns.Since then not difficult to see , whether it is Christian Louboutin Shoes surrender or Christian Louboutin Shoes to petition , essentially come from the citizens' distrust of law . The Christian Louboutin Shoes surrender turn this distrust was carried out more thoroughly. Was a bit ironic that the reason why it is very exaggerated , surrendered to Christian Louboutin Shoes , just because the police asking them to investigate, seen frequently seen in the media , torture , as well as detention centers in a variety of bizarre die, in a how the hearts of citizens leaving the shadows .However, Tong Yi- hung so do not trust the local police , he really will be completely believe Christian Louboutin Shoes police do ? In fact, he did not then I believe the Christian Louboutin Shoes police , this is known to surrender of the people , the plane found the media instead of the police station , which obviously can not be unspoken implication is that hope that through public opinion to protect their rights and even personal safety , or at least greatly reduced in the detention center suffered a variety of death accidental .Although the police have been very distrust , the hero eventually chose the surrender of the legal means to solve the problem. This in itself is a great irony , but also sad . Trusted enforcers supposed to be the guardian of the legal environment , but now it has become a reason for citizens uneasy , and even citizens in every step of the results for the worst dare to embark on legal channels plus the insurance .f law , citizens do not trust the situation will be more serious, relevant case will be more and more. In this Annex , Christian Louboutin Shoes surrender the news out to the streets after my comments a :



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