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if the body simply as a legal evidence

In fact, if the body simply as a legal evidence, things are not at the technical level there is no way to solve this Stick fight wolves two fear dilemma. The most effective kind of thinking is similar to the parties to the family and local governments to establish a Alipay mechanism , that is completely independent from the civil society organizations , or purely legal service agencies to come forward to take over on the body , on the one hand within the context of the legal fight for the interests of the bereaved family , the right to increase the weight of the game , on the other hand , it is possible to maintain sensible enough to make the situation will not get out of control , causing bad impact on society.But in reality , such a mechanism can not be established , in the present structure of big government under the small community , trying to find a right to speak , independent, trusted independent organizations or civil legal services is not an easy thing. Moreover , the most important reason is that MBT's current fundamental conflict resolution mechanism is not legal means , but a political tool.
The most typical case is the petition, in fact, many conflicts can be solved completely in the judicial level , but because the executive power of the law interfered too much , so that the law is largely lost the people's trust and dignity . Give people the feeling is , you want to have a say, to find the court to do so , they are one , in order to have a say you can only find a blue sky great master , which level can not find it to a higher level to find ( leapfrog petition ) , went to Beijing to find superiors find ( Beijing to petition ) . In fact, the petition is in itself to solve the problem through political means , the objective of the local government is indeed a political pressure.Looking back, snatching incident was able to appear , in fact, the two sides failed to families and government bodies as a corpse , nor simply seen as legal evidence , but to look into a political corpse props . Compared with the rule of law , politics is ugly , because the law is underlined , and politics , especially the politics are not legal norms , which means law of the jungle and there is no limit.This is not only reflected in snatching the lower limit , the other an equally shocking but also very common political props kneel , kneel in front of the government on the leadership, Elam sedan kneel news and a minority. Corpses and kneel down, one life , one is dignity , which is the weak final weight , regardless of the validity of the weights , and the society will be what kind of impact , when people 's right to rely on the body to protect the dignity and sacrifice then , is itself a very sad thing.In MBT , a lot of people when they were used as tools to look at, just like in the eyes of urban management , praises Watermelon is just a trouble for his trouble , or exploitation of the object. When his life was gone, and the body be able to escape the fate of being regarded as a political prop , instead of being as ever lives to respect . This should not be sad again and again , only when no longer needed the protection of the right to life and dignity as consideration , in order to say that we have a minimum of civilization and the rule of law , as in the most rudimentary civilization and the rule of law , citizens have the bodies of the freedom from being robbed . MIIT has repeatedly issued a document requiring remediation work carried out spam messages , and Mobile, MBT Unicom , telecommunications and other three major telecom operators have signed an agreement of governance related spam messages , special rectification spam messages . According to the survey , more than two-thirds of spam messages are actually sent their three major telecom operators , in order to benefit their own spam messages eventually became the largest promoter. ( October 23 , Beijing Times )



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