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I would stick to their posts

University of Shanghai last president Ling Xianyang tragedy illustrates the fate of the University Church . Ling Xianyang in 1927 graduated from the University of Shanghai Business, University of Southern California 1929 Business degree. University of Shanghai took over as president after 41 years , also serves as the Director of Business Administration , advocated expansion Hujiang traditional strengths - Business School , improve elimination rate in order to achieve its academic demobilization .
In addition to teaching, Ling Xianyang most important task is to ask for money to feed the four schools . He told the lowell smile center Aid Association of the United States , the United Nations Relief Department and the national government hand . In 1947 , the Ling Xianyang visit 120 days running the 59 cities of the donors gave 91 lectures .
The face of inflation , speculation Ling Xianyang do so even preserve the value of donations . On one occasion, he gets $ 75,000 repair faculty dormitory . Approved by the Council , he used this money has not yet put in place a number from the government hoarding cheap paper and sold at high prices , with the money to build a house sold for .
In early 1948 , the price of rice on the 1st triple jump . October kuo failure of the reform , the struggling school 's money and banking experts finally do not know that in order for teachers to support the family , in the end how much money to give them the. After a somber day ushered in the liberation of Shanghai . Faced with the new regime , Ling Xianyang judge: Communists may impose some control over curriculum , but we do not think they take over the school. ...... We will stay here as long as the school also gone out of existence . Ling Xianyang rejected as KMT Central Bank of vocational temptation refused to leave Shanghai . He wrote in a letter : My wife and children are all here in this moment they choose with me, is my greatest joy. ...... As long as I have with the university , I would stick to their posts .

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