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I walked out of the ten steps

I walked out of the ten steps, http://www.intocartoon.com/ looking back, old liu still stood there, with his chess vendor, the winter in Cheap Versace Belt solidified into a beautiful scenery in the evening. This article published in the game world, 1, 2006. The story took place in late November 2005 the streets of Cheap Versace Belt, I was in the north drift. This is probably the smallest island in the world: it is only 2.5 square meters, there is a shop inside the two layers of broken beautiful small quilt of the crib and a display of 32.7 degrees Celsius heat preservation box; The stars and the rainbow day and night to emerge in the air, although they are just plane decoration... To prevent abandoned in the wild by bad environment, extend the infant survival, June 1, 2011, the shijiazhuang city social welfare institute built the baby safety island outside the court gate, as baby receiving facilities and temporary shelters. February 29 (Cheap Versace Belt youth daily) as of the end of January, abandoned by their parents have 26 infants in this small island. The existence of the island, for the infant child, is undoubtedly a lucky, at least, much a few minutes they hope of survival. Welfare homes, however, such a good deed, but drew considerable criticism: some people think that, baby, it is illegal behavior, set up special receiving abandoned facilities, encouraged the irresponsible people do the irresponsible thing, will be disguised baby baby behavior, and even some parents abandoned the child's determination, likely indirect has led to an increased number of abandoned baby. I don't know how those skeptics disguised indulge the abandoned baby behavior conclusion, I know - there are some of the cruel reality, or there is no safety island, abandoned baby are there, a little. Those malicious descend heart to those who have abandoned my relative, they always think of way to leave their children, as Mr Shijiazhuang social welfare institute director jin-hong han witnessed it, most of them lie in the carton or bag, easy to illness caused by cold or hot.



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