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I think the marriage of power and wealth

I think the marriage of power and wealth is a social class of harden root, it will have neither gates nor isolated from the rest of the poor children in the rise of the road, so that rich second generation no longer has a role model, because people will doubt their wealth and status through improper means to obtain, and not everyone has the chance. Recently, some local governments, party school for the corporation to cultivate successors with universities, I think it does not help the reputation of their rich second generation to improve, and to a certain extent on the training help the fall - the use of public resources rich second generation, http://www.al-naib.com/ more give a person a kind of power of collusion between the impression. Rich second generation do not necessarily need separate government is, in fact, the Replica Versace Belt academy of social sciences in 2005 to make a survey of zhejiang merchant culture heir way, the results showed 37% of rich second generation hope your own business, 45% thought now she does not have the succession of the quality, the cause of their parents is unwilling to accept, this shows that quite a number of rich second generation or aggressive and self-knowledge, should believe that they will cherish their own rich second generation image. As for the mud helps not on the wall, to smear themselves rich second generation, was knocked out in the market competition is normal phenomenon. In short, to create a fair buster environment is more important than anything, if the rich people at the bottom of the channel is blocked, social class divided, national upward trend will also be blocked.



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