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I think it is very comforting

Admittedly, 500 is indeed in a way to represent a country's economic strength . For example , MBT Shoes Clearance http://www.coldmountainsams.com/litters.htm as the world 's biggest economic power of the United States , nominated for the world 's top 500 enterprises have been far ahead of other countries, and the U.S. economic status is also proportionate. This year by the subprime mortgage crisis, the U.S. economy is in the brink of recession , a Fortune 500 company finalists from last year's 162 down 153 , the minimum is 10 years , this is a very noteworthy phenomenon . In this sense , if the 500 is really able to represent a country's competitiveness , then it at least shows that the association reached 500 before , at least we have not even a train full competition in the market to grow up business giants. Agitation three years , and the world's top 500 enterprises reached number increases every year compared to the glory of this embarrassing record seems more people have tingling and burning sensation . Legend of the finalists , let us commemorate the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up this great moment when less embarrassment and regret , in this sense , I think it is very comforting , but also to the MBT Shoes people considered the most memorable moments of a heavy gift.



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