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I see Roosevelt first mentioned to us

I see Roosevelt first mentioned to us when you want to Ryukyu , you said to account for the Sino-US condominium , I, as chairman of the men, naturally consistent with the chairman . Belts Replica Kai-shek think it is a pity . He told replica hermes beltssaid: . Roosevelt put Ryukyu to our problem, only a few people know , then do not say this out if someone asks , say we do not have a treaty , according offered no reason . Thereafter, the KMT's documents, files , magazines , books mention Ryukyu problem , say because of unfounded , the Replica Belts did not mention the issue of the Ryukyu Islands in Cairo meeting. Of course, the Belts Replica Kai-shek regime to give up sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and the Ryukyu Islands , does not mean that the new Belt also gave up sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and the Ryukyu Islands , and now the People's Republic of Belt was established in 1949, the new regime , can not recognize the folly of the old regime to the current national and military power , but also can recover the Ryukyu Islands and the Diaoyu Islands. But the problem is that after the founding of New Belt in decades of time, , order No. U.S. release is announced hosting district map latitude and longitude , the Diaoyu Islands were drawn in escrow District , at a time when the Replica Belts government did not raise any objection. According to Chapter XII of the UN Charter , the International Trusteeship System Article 78 : . Territories which have become Members of the United Nations , NA trusteeship system , Belt is the United States , the Replica Belts government agreed to the Diaoyu Islands by the United States hosted on means giving up sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands . San Francisco Peace Treaty signed in 1951 , entered into force in 1952, from the end of World War II in 1945, has six or seven years . In between these six or seven years , including the Diaoyu Islands, Ryukyu in what state ? In fact, since 1945 , it was the United States hosting the Ryukyu Islands , while hosting the proposition was proposed by Belt, but Belts Replica inadvertently involved in hosting the Civil War , the United States finally became a country hosting.



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