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I saw him with tears in his eyes turning transit

From the viewfinder , I saw him with tears in his eyes turning transit , but never out of the eyes. In this night, the only thing I can do is quietly erase the photographed image , run the risk of being accused of leading back reported that the battery runs out . The next day , I went to the clinic to see just an empty shed , clean, and if they had never happened what happened. Small Bi and his warm heart clinic like a beautiful dream , gorgeous bloom here too , and quietly disappeared. After six months, from very far away places to fly a paper postcard , inscribed a medical school , only a handful of words written above : to graduate, I'll be back . The letter did not drop names , but I'm sure a small Bi , hanging half a year I finally fell down the heart , small Bi Ying 's eyes in a smile out of the window to occupy half the sky . That night , I still do not give him a sign inscribed again and sleep ...... thank you friends of the wing last night Ah Yi SMS to communicate with me , here is his explanation on his blog to do as he really said, the matter would call it past few days , I often hostile message board users leave in a few words , I say plagiarism , but do not do any explanation I will disagree, did not mind . Until tonight, another hostile Internet message , http://www.arizonaasap.com/uk/replica-christian-louboutin.html and leave Sichuan Zeng Ying 's blog site, I went to see was a surprise. The original Sina out a book called Flowers Blooming , the article takes in Sina blog , including removing it from the blog I wrote - Life is the most moving piece of 16 - the key is Sina book citations , I never greeted with , they have never found a blog where I , where the official Oon , signature case there are three types , or my name, that is my own work , or someone else 's name, such as Guangqian, Qingdong , Lung Ying-tai , is I Recommend good text, or no signature , such as this one , there are brothers wrote poems of Physics and liberal arts students and science students , this is the online multi- thermal paper , the author is unknown and can not be signed. But Sina without notice I did not ask why there is no clear signature of this essay , the rush for the Department on Ah Yi 's name, openly published in Flowers Blooming This I have not seen the official publication date matter where . Exactly, Sichuan had a birthday in the bookstore yesterday Ying accidentally found this book and found myself old- network, Life is not the most romantic thing is a replica of the 16 most touching piece of life , and the Department on the A Yi 's name, and therefore had a most depressing birthday of his life , and today we do not intend to pull the bridge due to hostile users , contacted the matter , confirmed the pseudo- true.



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