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I hope these two fully separated

http://replicafendibelts.tripod.com/ We can say that if there is no personal Belts mortgage loans in 2007 soared rapidly , is not the case then the real estate boom and soaring house prices . The 2008 individual Belts mortgage loans rapid decline , but also become the key to shrinking domestic real estate sales . 2009 1-2 months, although the government adopted preferential policies for personal Belts mortgage loans credit , major efforts , but individual Belts mortgage loans did not increase or decrease the contrary shrink further in 2008 on the basis of rapid decline . If you follow this two-month increase in the amount of personal Belts mortgage loans , home sales decline in 2009 and will not only further enhance ease . Despite the growth in March , but is still insufficient cause real estate Indian summer . Also, an increase from the current situation of real estate sales , real estate sales growth mainly in the second-hand Belts sales growth performance in small and medium size Belts sales growth , the performance of affordable Belts and other support on the type of Belts sales growth . http://replicaferragamobelts.tripod.com/ For this phenomenon, explains it? First, it has been seen earlier into the real estate investor real estate market will see the full price downward adjustment , so they will take the opportunity of this real estate sales prices rebound the fastest way to escape the real estate market , so the depth of hold . Therefore , the real estate market rebound is first quilt investors flee. Second home sales to small and medium size which are mainly small and medium size Belts sales are increasing sales in the case of an overall decrease in prices . This shows that the current real estate market has undergone a fundamental change in consumer -driven market began to take shape . Since it is a consumer -driven market, then this change in the nature of the real estate market on the domestic real estate products will change the current pattern and the pattern of interests . The real estate prices adjust depth determines the extent of the release of the consumer . Third, the real estate developer has been emphasized earlier , the real estate market return market , safeguard classified security, I hope these two fully separated. But in fact this is not possible , when part of the rapid growth of the real estate security , especially when the full implementation of the government Belts project , its impact can not be discounted real estate matters .



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