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I do not know too much pressure for

( Picture from the network, regardless of this article ) and her boyfriend know after six months , we started living together. Although not want to agree to start , but could not stand her boyfriend Ruanmoyingpao , because I was also a more traditional woman, would like to get married and then married life , but her boyfriend says we all just work , economic conditions is not enough, be sure to wait until the economic strength of time, and then do a lively wedding , so give me a good explanation . Felt what he said makes sense , so reluctantly we live in between together . Life after cohabitation is not as good as imagined . I do not know too much pressure for the sake of competition , or what his flaws, we did not start when he had a full sex life , are generally hastily, feeling her boyfriend effort in that regard with his big burly physique completely disproportionate . But , after all, is a very private thing, not good to go out and women communicate with colleagues , so it has to cope with this . Boyfriend seems increasingly strained, so life is so boring to live . At a friend's wedding , he happens to sit with me , we are all in pairs to attend the wedding , her boyfriend because of a temporary assignment , did not participate in the whole tables on me and he is temporary single. We toast each other when others are paired , only the two of us alone , so friends tease us that you either temporary couple on the composition of it, so we also have pairs of toast , not only convenient but also less drinking . This time I did not look the other way to him, we felt he was better than great teens. During the evening, he showed very gentlemanly demeanor , have the same table to toast what he gave me a block , like the protection that protect my little sister , so the first time I had the feeling of being loved to be protected . This time her boyfriend to the phone , saying that their units have emergency task to do, may not come back at night . This case is a common thing, I do not much care , anyway Uncle protected , feel particularly comfortable. I can not drink, although uncle always protect me, but the banquet scattered , I have been somewhat tipsy , the mood is very good



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