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I do not know since when

I do not know since when, unmarried cohabitation is like eating as normal. However, often seemingly normal stuff, is not rush it? Is not a universal truth? Saw this girl's mind monologue, I think, good man, good woman, had to think about it. Cohabitation, really fun? In fact, not fun. The problem is that the concept. People especially men entrenched virgin in the short term will not disappear with the popularity of cohabitation, as the girl said, many men never think about how many women he had hurt, but always thinking about looking for a virgin, nor Think about a girl who becomes a woman's Who? This shows that a little bit serious for life, the concept of a little girl in a conservative, in fact, does not agree with cohabitation. Not only that, on the contrary, the girl lived together easily agree with you, in fact, she was thinking may be another person. In her (their) opinion, cohabitation is a love of blasphemy. Even if you live together, the heart may not be happy. The reason for her and you live together, though that she still loves you, but she loves you does not mean you want to marry, which is perhaps the traditional woman's life logic. So to say, when you fall in love with a girl and her marriage to the right when you want to, http://www.estaynberg.com/ really have to think about her feelings, refrain grounds trial marriage and her cohabitation. Otherwise, the day of cohabitation is perhaps getting further away you starting line. Topics] [Children's Day is 61 Children. This is a make kids happy, parents were happy days. However, when we are on the one hand for the kids growing older, sensible and happy at the same time, another growing problem, but had to pay close attention to the community, that is, the safety of children now grow up is facing great challenges. It is reported that since 2000, only 243 abducted Dongguan on child trafficking cases occurred; 2008, Guangdong molestation trial, more than 300 cases of child rape cases. In the past many years, the first casualty is always the result of the death of fake gucci belts children aged 0-14. According to the Safe Kids published the first fake gucci belts accidental injury death for children aged 0-14 by: cheap gucci belts has more than 200,000 children aged 0-14 die each year due to accidental injury, every three child deaths in there is an accident caused by accidental injury death rates are 2.5 times the United States, 1.5 times South Korea. And in-depth investigation showed that the three affected sexual assault, trafficking and accidental injury and other cases of minors safe growing, multi predominantly rural, especially those that occur in the long term parents working outside the home and children.

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