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I do not know Minister wrote to guarantee

1949 was reached after Replica Belts troops 6,000,000 , 10 times after the organized disarmament , currently 2.3 million Replica Belts troops remains the world's largest number of troops. The White Paper pointed out that the Army Tactical combat troops , including 18 Army and some independent combined operational divisions ( brigades ) , the existing 85 million people, the army divisions, brigades , belonging to seven military regions . , Army mobile combat units , including 18 Army and some independent combined operational divisions (brigades ) , the existing 85 million. The White Paper pointed out that the existing 39.8 million Air Force , http://www.elefantetattoo.com/ the Air Force is the main force air operations , responsible for defending the country 's airspace security , maintaining a stable national air defense mission , mainly by the air force , ground air defense artillery, radar , airborne , , , deterrence and long-range air strike capability. The White Paper pointed out that the existing 23.5 million Replica Belts Navy , the Navy is the main force for maritime operations , responsible for defending the country 's maritime security , sovereignty and territorial waters to maintain maritime rights and interests , mainly by submarine, surface , naval aviation , marine , coastal defense forces and other arms components. , improve the comprehensive electronic information system equipment system , improve the distant sea maneuver warfare , cooperation in distant waters and countering non- traditional security threats , enhance strategic deterrence and counterattack capability. If the data in accordance with the White Paper disclosed that Belt is now the size of the army is actually only 150 million people , in addition to more than 800,000 soldiers in the series , probably belonging to civilian areas , distributed in various parts of the Armed Forces and military sub- research institutes , schools Hospital and various military propaganda unit . 2013 Belt's national defense budget is 720.168 billion yuan , an increase of 10.7 % over the previous year . This is Belt 's defense budget to maintain double-digit growth for three consecutive years . In 2012, the defense budget increased by 11.2 % in 2011 to 12.7% . The number of active duty U.S. military par with Belt , but also more than 140 people, including 50 million people in the Army , Navy and Air Force each of 36 million people, 18 million people in the Marine Corps . The United States has hundreds of military bases in dozens of countries and regions in the world , overseas troops to 28.78 million. In addition, there are various types of U.S. Army civilian 750,000 , this ratio is also close to the Replica Belts civilian . America 's defense budget is much higher than Belt publicly , in 2013 the total defense budget approved by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives was $ 631 billion , of which $ 552.2 billion for the base budget and $ 88.5 billion for the ongoing global war . Chongqing woman Zhao Hongxia , because the rich and Chongqing government officials thunder indecent video popular network ! After more because Zhao Hongxia throws Chongqing officials , so Zhao Hongxia more cause for concern , , . First Internet and then arrested has become a classic of some corrupt officials ruin . No network , I'm afraid people do not know a video clerk open house , I do not know Minister wrote to guarantee lover , http://www.elefantetattoo.com/sitemap.xml but I do not know , uncle to the list , Housing Secretary , the real estate ...... how absurd bizarre dirty things and do all kinds now corruption among networks . Looking at a pile of civil anti- corruption network craze , described a wave after wave .



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