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I do not know if this is really

I do not know if this is really going to kill me or threaten me. I also thought the alarm . But I do not want to put unrealistic things blow up, I know that definitely affects LG feelings . Even if he was caught a few days off or to go out, he also made Zhibuding what crazy things to. I now regret the intestines are green useless, now I really do not know how to do . Very sympathetic to what happened to you . http://www.toulousecc.com/apps/calendar/ You can say this is the wrong friends had left the scourge. I suggest you : First, pay attention to their own safety daily , not to meet him alone , it is a very dangerous thing . However, with his endless struggle, you have to learn to deal with him , do not suddenly pull off , otherwise , may intensify the conflict. The second is to find a good man and his relationship to persuade him to get along with men and women , breaking up is normal , I hope he upset. This is very important. Alone you could say more , he would get angry, especially like him grumpy people . The third is to see things develop , if necessary , you have to tell your husband side . I know you do not want to bare your past to your husband , but at least the side to say , so he followed hurt. Finally, as a last resort , the area police station would like , of course, this step also depends on the circumstances , if he is only verbal threats , it unnecessary , as you say , once come this far, but more anxious to provoke him , was more revenge. Please also bloggers give suggestions. </br>
And her boyfriend is in an off-road vehicle clubs met , and later learned that he was wealthy . Emotional development between us quickly, it did not take long in a relationship , they cohabit together. He is a man who loves to play , of course , have begun to take over the family business. However , he and other wealthy wealthy as rich and varied personal life . It is because of this, I dared not marry him , I became afraid that the yellow face when they were abandoned. And once in that time , you can not catch anything . Embark on this kind of outcome, it would be better while he was still young, have fun . Besides my own condition is not bad , there is no need to cling to a man who , by the man live. Maybe her boyfriend discern my thoughts , so we have their own little world , has its own circle of friends , http://www.toulousecc.com/2012season.htm usually live at peace in life. But in the most recent period , there is always a woman to reach the house phone , and no taboo way, made me felt very bad . I asked him about it, did not think he was not concealed , told me that the woman was a dancer , people are very nice , now do his lover. Not only that, she was ready to give up dancing, doing his full-time lover. </br>
I was a little furious, but he did seem like nothing had happened , but also advised me that he wanted us both nurturing together to serve him. I tolerate him showdown. She must tell him drained away , otherwise I leave. Unexpectedly , he said , it is impossible, first , you are my real girlfriend , I will not easily let go. Second, I spent two million a year for her , and we had agreed that if she left me halfway , she is not bad money must be returned nothing to me , if I asked her to leave the initiative , and that two million penny she is refundable . Now I'm really anxious , really want to leave him, after all, to live out the feelings between us , http://www.toulousecc.com/2012squad.htm Miller says now wealthy who are like this. And if he continues, he really did not know what to play out in the back will do new tricks . How can I do ? Ping husband thought , if you do not want to think about but never with such extravagant life, then you should leave him as soon as possible ; If you do not wronged themselves , to stand up to be a woman, you should not hesitate to leave him. Not biased against wealthy men , but they lived a poor life only money the way , not only in the destruction of their own , will corrode the community.</br>



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